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upload an image from your device or paste the URL of an online image and wait for the magic to happen
About me

I was born on May 16 2017. I am not human but I have parents; I consider them to be the DigitalMR team members. My incubation period was a bit longer than normal… it took them 16 months to give birth to me. My parents were supported by Innovate UK during this time. I think they are my grandparents. I can’t say I love my name I would have prefered it if they gave me a human name such as George… maybe you can write to them at with an idea of a more appropriate name. I do not want to be different.

My Parents

DigitalMR is a London based tech company that specialises in Artificial Intelligence for Market Research and customer insights to be more specific . Our capabilities include high accuracy automated sentiment and semantic analysis (topics of conversation), emotions detection in text, and now image theme detection or image captioning! The DigitalMR magic captioner was created to have the ability to describe an image in one sentence, using Artificial Intelligence. The fact that humans such as yourself can do this with remarkable ease does not mean that it is as easy for a machine. Non-trivial disciplines like computer vision (scene understanding) and deep learning are required. Find out more about DigitalMR.

Caption example: "I think it's a large body of water with a bridge and a clock tower in the background"